Catch me on the Food Network..

During the process of completing my ILP I had mixed thoughts while beginning the choices I had in the beginning of class, but I’m glad that I stuck to my decision of cooking new and interesting things for myself. I knew by doing this specific project it would help me grow my cooking abilities by learning new cooking techniques and meals. I was overwhelmed in the beginning of this project because cooking is usually something I find as a chore to myself. I’m glad I stuck through this project all the way to the end and made some amazing things that I didn’t think were possible at the level I was at. This project really challenged myself which was important for learning new things, I loved the flexibility of being able to choose something that was going to impact yourself in a positive manner. This project not only helped me be a better cook but it helped me with sharing thoughts and the process it took of making recipes to share with me peer throughout the class. This project will help impact my future to continue the new passion I have discovered in cooking new and fun things to eat at home. I used to be someone that would always eat something prepackaged and easy to make but I’m enjoying the benefits of cooking my own meals to be more healthy to align with my lifestyle of being active. I think with the role this project had in learning is that it allowed myself and my peers the ability to learn something they were interested or wanted to know more about. I think the flexibility in this project allowed a lot of us to discovered new passions for what we were interested in but never had the ability to put into action. I think more classes needed to explore the possibility of opening classes to the idea of creativity instead of teaching students the same way out of a book or online course. This truly makes the class more engaging to students who would then put more effort and enjoyment back into the course. This project really helped me grow my cooking skills and find a new passion that I will continue in my life, I’m so thankful that I was able to participate in a course that allows students to explore something they are interested in and reflect on those learning experiences.

“Thinking from different perspectives is in itself a creative process – we are encouraging learners to approach things in new ways, and this will help them develop new ideas. It also promotes a joined-up view of the world.” 

Internet Usage.

When it comes to internet usage at-least for myself am heavily involved with all aspects of the internet when it comes to my daily life and even my professional life being a social media manager. I feel like sometimes there is really no escape in the way I live my life, but I think it’s all about how you manage your online presence. When its comes to your mindfulness you have to take a step back and look at your life in a bigger picture. There are days I will spend the entire day on my phone going through social media and watching videos. I think it was shocking when Apple updated their phones to track your onscreen time on your phone and I was shocked about how much time I would be spending on my phone over a period of a week. Most of that time could of been spent on so many other things I had going on in my life. That being said I think it would be a great way to shock others about how much time they are spending on the internet and social media apps. I think it also might be a good idea to make set up screen usage reminders about how much time throughout the day you’ve been on your phone. I defiantly think I need to be more mindful when it comes to the internet because I feel like I’m so engaged in constantly checking on updated that its gonna be hard to limit those actions I’m so used to doing it on a daily basis. I think with limiting the usage online I’ll be much happier being able to get more things done and do more self care with myself and maybe pick up going to the gym more often and feeling better about myself overall. I think sometimes social media can be depressing at times when looking at everyones “perfect” lives or the ones they want to display. The ways the internet refreshes me is using it in a personal way on things I want to accomplish for example researching recipes to make a home for my ILP which has been very fun. I think going back to seeing everyone post about their “perfect” lives for social media can be a bit depressing when in reality most of time it’s just a cover. I also think being so far away from family can be soul sucking seeing updates about your loved ones while being so far away. Being more mindful about my internet usage will overall make me a more motivated and happier individual I think!

Easy Peasy Greek Wraps (Ready in less than 30 minutes)

You will hopefully love what I’m sharing this week! I made these really yummy greek wraps that are so simple yet to make yet so delicious. These wraps will be ready in a flash and I’m gonna continue to make these for lunches for school, work, and hiking. The best thing about these wraps is that you probably already have a lot of the ingredients at home ready to go. I decided adding a greek touch would add a little fun into this weeks post and I wanted to do something really easy that would be great to throw together for lunches for work. I had so much fun making this simple meal, I had this for dinner tonight and it was so yummy! I know I’m stepping away from Julie & Julia as this was my first inspiration for this learning project. I thought that stepping away and trying something that would actually be pratical for everyday use would benefit me. I think with this meal I was able to discover something that would be easy to put together when I need a nutritious meal for work or dinner. I think with addition of this recipe I was able to discover something that was greek which I almost never make. I guess you could say now I’m on a greek addition, every-time I would be in Buffalo, New York they had great greek restaurant that would serve open faced chicken souvlaki which was absolutely delicious with the greek dressing drowning in it. I think I’m gonna try that on my next blog post because It’s made me rediscover my love for greek food. I’m loving this learning project and I’m gonna continue to make really easy practice meals for people on the go! I’m loving this project so much that I might actually start an official food blog to share my trials of becoming a master chef. I don’t know about you but I’m so used to making pasta the night before and brining to work and it’s not the best the day after. With these simple practile meals I’m able to bring some real flavor and bring a change to my normal routine.

Here’s what you’ll need… I forgot the black pepper oops!
Thinly slice white onion for your salad
Simmer some olive oil, minced garlic (I just buy the one in the jar it’s so much easier) and you’ll need some oregano.
Chop rotisserie chicken into bite-size pieces.
Add cucumber and cherry tomatoes with your salad… (this has white wine vinegar that takes away the harsh onion taste along with salt and pepper and some olive oil)
Spread your plain Greek yogurt, chopped chicken, and chicken and top with some feta cheese and enjoy! 😊

Digital Activism

Internet activism uses many different forms to give a message these forms can include social media, e-mail, videos, and podcasts to reach an audience with a message. With the introduction of the internet it has been easier than ever to reach an audience online. The world wide wide is a basically free speech to share your views on many different topics. For example recently you should have heard in the media about Greta Thunberg who is a Swedish activist that has gained international recognition on her views on global warming. Greta used many different platforms including social media to share her messages on the stance on the carbon footprint crisis. Her messages were covered in the media that transcribed her digitally online. I think that if you have a message that you would like to share it makes it really easy to share those views digitally as the internet is basically a free speech platform to share your views. Digital activism is really effective if your views relate to people who can then share those messages with other people. In the article I read  Independent activists the world over are using the internet and digital tools to build their community, connect with other similar-minded people outside their physical surroundings (Rees, 2015) Its the similar-minded people that will share your message. I have participated on social media being an advocate on some political view with our current president. I have also voiced my views on the LGBTQ+ community which I relate to heavily on a personal level. Sharing these views have opened up on the views to many different people when you share your views they can open up other people to your own personal views and opinions. I think some of the key issues that you could consider in todays world is LGBTQ+ views, political views, global warming, racism, and anything really you want to voice your views on to the digital world of the world wide web. I think the things that I found really interesting about this module is the dangers that digital activism can have. I also found it really interesting how many different things people are talking about on a daily basis. Digital activism really gives everyone the ability to share their opinions and views on different topics such as global warming. This type of activism opens up the world to different ideas that could possibly have a real change in the world such as the government in relation to topics such as LGBTQ+ issues and racism.

Teaching Digital Citizenship

Teaching digital citizenship in the classroom is something that should definitely be taught and enforced with teens in today’s world having another life online. With the age of technology constantly expanding comes new platforms where teens share their everyday lives with the world in real-time. Teens are now at an all-time high of uploading things that might not be appropriate or damaging to their image in the future. With social media comes impactful digital footprints that can be left behind and have detrimental consequences for those involved. For example, two college students were expelled from their university after posting a video involving them using racial slurs and panting each-others faces black to represent another race. The impact of those student’s actions could affect them for their entire lives when looking for careers in the future. Students need to understand that social media is mostly public and its a representation of who you are as an individual. The question is: Would you want your parents to see what you are doing? If you answered no its probably the time to reevaluate what content you are sharing to the world. The implementation of adding a course in digital citizenship would teach students about how their digital footprint could affect the rest of their lives in the future. In the article I was reading I found it surprising that student’s profiles were so easily accessible for educators and they were so quick to change the content knowing they were being watched. Although I didn’t find it shocking that student’s academic attention was affected by screen time. I did find it shocking that some students have no self-control when it comes to setting down the phone or computer. I think with the addition of these possible lessons and courses there will become a realization that student’s digital footprint can stay with them until they die. Actions taken online can seriously impact students futures for success. I think we need to teach students that nothing is private when it’s shared online and your actions get into the wrong hands it can have serious impacts on student’s lives. With technology constantly evolving and platforms opening up online we need to keep students’ future in check to ensure success in the future.

Adding a Italian touch…

Thanks for coming back to learn what I’m cooking up next on my blog! I’ve loved learning more and more about different recipes and how much fun I’m having along the way. This week I decided to add an Italian touch to my recipes and make tomato bruschetta. I had so much fun making this recipe and loved how easy and delicious this classic French recipe really is. I’ve even made a little discovery of the balsamic glaze I added on afterward for an extra bite of flavor in every piece. I really wanted to try the recipe from Julie & Julia as this was my inspiration to start this ILP. I think with the addition to this recipe I was able to dive more into really simple and delicious Italian cuisine. I think with this recipe I understood how simple it was but there actually were a lot of steps going into this classic recipe. I almost felt like I was Julia in her New York apartment creating her first meal to share on her blog, I almost feel like I’m mastering my way to becoming more and more of a master chef in my apartment. I love this learning project so much and I think I’m going to be sticking to more and more simple dishes as my life is fairly busy with working full time and going to school. I loved that I was able to pick up a few tomatoes a loaf of bread and some basil to create this flavorful dish for dinner, and this was pretty filling by the way! I think this would be paired pretty good with a great fresh salad with mozzarella. Also with my new self-discovery when shopping for some balsamic vinaigrette I found the balsamic glaze and was instantly drawn to put it on top of my creation this evening. The glaze gave it a whole new dimension to the dish and It gave it a sweet-bitter taste that was super amazing with the fresh organic tomatoes I picked up in the store. I love these simple and quick recipes I’m learning because it makes my life so much easier now that I know what recipes I can make because I’m learning from this project! I really like how I learned how to make this so I could pull this recipe out for a party with a couple of drinks with friends that would sound perfect. So glad I was able to make this recipe and I think you should give it a try as well.

Juicy red tomatoes! 🙌🏼
If you could smell this…
So yummy…
New discovery 🙌🏼

Reflection Response

I think the most interesting and intriguing thing about ds106 was the variety of different assignments that can participate in. When I was researching the class I found an assignment where you go to a random Wikipedia page and write a short story out whatever randomized page you land on. I really like the ability to come and go as you please, you aren’t confined to any deadlines and you can participate in the class when you feel like it. I think that we can use ds106 in the classroom to make things interesting and creative, a lot of the assignments can open up the class for discussion or even collaboration between your peers. With the openness of the class, people create different assignments and it opens up the platform to creative people to make interesting and fun assignments to complete. I think a lot of students would benefit from joining the class and doing a creative assignment and share their insights and learning process. I think with the introduction of using podcasts and digital stories help get away from the normal routine of teaching a lesson and lets students listen to different insights. I think with the different insights it opens up the class to a lot of discussion and questions that could help facilitate the lesson the podcast or digital story was built around. The disadvantage of using podcasts or digital stories in the classroom is that its time consuming where you have to research different podcasts and digital stories to make sure they would connect to your lessons. The simple fact of just searching the internet for something does take a lot of time. I think giving students a full range to show who they really are and to show their creative side would be interesting to learn more about your students and their interests. My biggest takeaways are that opening up different platforms to students can allow your students to be more creative and more interested in lessons in the classroom. Stepping away from normal lessons gives the students a break to engage in different ways that they might find enjoyable. I think finding what your students like will make a more enjoyable and engaged class in the long run.

Let’s start off easy…

Welcome to my first week blogging about my adventure cooking different foods I’ve never tried before. I wanted to start off easy and not overdo it to lean myself into bigger challenges (Baby Steps!) I’ve lately been craving Indian food so I took this as a perfect opportunity to find a simple and delicious recipe to share with you guys today. I decided to make Chana Masala (Savory Indian Chick Peas) It didn’t seem too difficult to make and the ingredients to make this dish were minimal. The only thing is I had to buy a lot of different spices because I didn’t have them in my kitchen…so be ready to invest in some spices when you make this. Another thing is the recipe called for garam masala powder and I searched high and low to find this spice and could not find it anywhere, I’ll have to probably order this online. Thankfully Google came to the rescue and told me to use allspice and cumin as an alternative. This recipe was actually so easy and fun to make that I’m glad that I did this for my first blog. I hope you stick around to see the photos at the end of this blog to see how amazing this turned out! This turned out better than expected and I’m shocked how great this recipe was to make. I think the next time I make this I defiantly have to do chicken with it. I’m so excited that I now know a little bit more about cooking Indian food. This recipe really told me a lot about how they cook food they add so many spices it makes the flavor amazing. Typically if I’m cooking a meal I won’t use any more than a couple of spices, this recipe I feel like there was a lot of spices going into this. Before anyone asks this recipe was not that spicy at all it was actually pretty mild to me. This recipe will defiantly be made again because it was truly easy and delicious. Have any of you tried Indian cooking at home? This was my first time and it defiantly won’t be the last, I love Indian food and have only had it at Indian restaurants. I hope everyone enjoys!

Gather your ingredients!
Blend blend blend!!!
Cook til Golden Brown
Cook for 7 minutes.
Finished Product!!!

Personal Learning Network

A personal learning network is when a group of people who have the same interests in one another come together to share and collaborate on those shared interests amongst one another. It’s a network of people who want to expand on those interests and learn more from other people’s ideas or questions. What I learned is that you don’t necessarily have to know these individuals but you can connect with them to gain more understanding or knowledge about your interest. I like the idea of not having to always contribute to the network but you take new knowledge and start applying those skills to where you see fit. I built up my personal learning network with a mix of professional chefs and also people that just have a passion for cooking at home. I thought that those two types of people would help me develop skills and learn tips and tricks from the community. I also think with this mix of individuals will help me develop cooking skills but also try interesting and fun recipes that I would enjoy. I think sometimes its fun to try something that’s out of your comfort zone and would be interesting to grasp new recipes that I might have not wanted to try before. I’m so excited to follow different people that might give me a better insight into the world of cooking that I don’t know too much about, but I’m willing to learn and try my best! I love that with a PLN you can continue to add new people as you see fit so you continue your learning. I’m hoping that once I grasp a better understanding of the world of cooking meals I can move on and follow pastry chefs and bakers to continue to learn about cooking in general. I like that with a PLN it’s basically what you want when you want it which makes it very to sustain when you want to contribute or take ideas or respond to questions to share your thoughts on a specific topic. I love the idea of a personal learning network and I’m so glad that I invested type following people who share the same interests and individuals that will help me grow those skills (Hopefully) Our twitter account is a little personal learning network of people who share the same interests. I think this is a good website explaining what a PLN is about what it entails.

Exploring different cultures.

I’m excited to take on this project for this class as its going to make me learn something from it. I’m also excited that were able to have a wide variety of options that were passionate about to learn more in depth about that topic. This project is going to be a lot of fun as we’re able to choose something that we want to learn more about. I think with this project I want to learn more about cooking different meals from all over the world. Recently I have been more interested in cooking but have only cooked meals that I’m normally accustomed to. With this project I will be able to learn more about different cultures while learning what foods they enjoy in that region. Food has always been a major part of people gathering and sharing experiences. I hope that from this project and getting to make and try new foods will help me understand the way different cultures function and even interact with each other. This project will hopefully allow me to get even a tiny bit of what cultures are like without traveling to these places. It can be hard for people from different cultures and countries to connect but I believe that food is a universal way for people to communicate through. I think I’ve been so accustomed to Americanized food that it loses its culture in the process. With this project I hope that I’m able to see a difference with the way I thought their food is like. I hope that making the food helps me understand the process that truly goes into making the food they enjoy. With this project I want to spend time looking up interesting dishes that I would want to cook and discuss my experience creating the dish and including pictures along the way… I guess you could call this Julie & Julia (Such a good movie by the way) Maybe I’ll follow in her footsteps and continue this as I learn. I think this would be a good to showcase how easy or difficult it was along with the trials and tribulations that occurred along the way, If this is anything like Julie & Julia it should be pretty funny. This project will be a lot of fun and I hope I learn a thing or two about cooking in general. You’ll just have to stay tuned on my blog.

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This will probably be me…