Adding a Italian touch…

Thanks for coming back to learn what I’m cooking up next on my blog! I’ve loved learning more and more about different recipes and how much fun I’m having along the way. This week I decided to add an Italian touch to my recipes and make tomato bruschetta. I had so much fun making this recipe and loved how easy and delicious this classic French recipe really is. I’ve even made a little discovery of the balsamic glaze I added on afterward for an extra bite of flavor in every piece. I really wanted to try the recipe from Julie & Julia as this was my inspiration to start this ILP. I think with the addition to this recipe I was able to dive more into really simple and delicious Italian cuisine. I think with this recipe I understood how simple it was but there actually were a lot of steps going into this classic recipe. I almost felt like I was Julia in her New York apartment creating her first meal to share on her blog, I almost feel like I’m mastering my way to becoming more and more of a master chef in my apartment. I love this learning project so much and I think I’m going to be sticking to more and more simple dishes as my life is fairly busy with working full time and going to school. I loved that I was able to pick up a few tomatoes a loaf of bread and some basil to create this flavorful dish for dinner, and this was pretty filling by the way! I think this would be paired pretty good with a great fresh salad with mozzarella. Also with my new self-discovery when shopping for some balsamic vinaigrette I found the balsamic glaze and was instantly drawn to put it on top of my creation this evening. The glaze gave it a whole new dimension to the dish and It gave it a sweet-bitter taste that was super amazing with the fresh organic tomatoes I picked up in the store. I love these simple and quick recipes I’m learning because it makes my life so much easier now that I know what recipes I can make because I’m learning from this project! I really like how I learned how to make this so I could pull this recipe out for a party with a couple of drinks with friends that would sound perfect. So glad I was able to make this recipe and I think you should give it a try as well.

Juicy red tomatoes! 🙌🏼
If you could smell this…
So yummy…
New discovery 🙌🏼

14 thoughts on “Adding a Italian touch…

  1. That recipe looks really tasty. I will have to try this sometime. My favorite food is Italian food. I am from New York City, and we have great Italian food. Pizza is the best in the Big Apple.

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  2. This looks absolutely delicious. Your Indian dish from before looked great so does this. I haven’t tried bruschetta before. I think the closest that have come to something like this was Caprese salad. I also have an adventurous palate and can’t wait to see what you make next. Also, I could see the image of Julie in her kitchen plan as day. That movie is the best. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to go to the Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C for a second time, and they had a Julia Child exhibition. It was so cool.


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