Exploring different cultures.

I’m excited to take on this project for this class as its going to make me learn something from it. I’m also excited that were able to have a wide variety of options that were passionate about to learn more in depth about that topic. This project is going to be a lot of fun as we’re able to choose something that we want to learn more about. I think with this project I want to learn more about cooking different meals from all over the world. Recently I have been more interested in cooking but have only cooked meals that I’m normally accustomed to. With this project I will be able to learn more about different cultures while learning what foods they enjoy in that region. Food has always been a major part of people gathering and sharing experiences. I hope that from this project and getting to make and try new foods will help me understand the way different cultures function and even interact with each other. This project will hopefully allow me to get even a tiny bit of what cultures are like without traveling to these places. It can be hard for people from different cultures and countries to connect but I believe that food is a universal way for people to communicate through. I think I’ve been so accustomed to Americanized food that it loses its culture in the process. With this project I hope that I’m able to see a difference with the way I thought their food is like. I hope that making the food helps me understand the process that truly goes into making the food they enjoy. With this project I want to spend time looking up interesting dishes that I would want to cook and discuss my experience creating the dish and including pictures along the way… I guess you could call this Julie & Julia (Such a good movie by the way) Maybe I’ll follow in her footsteps and continue this as I learn. I think this would be a good to showcase how easy or difficult it was along with the trials and tribulations that occurred along the way, If this is anything like Julie & Julia it should be pretty funny. This project will be a lot of fun and I hope I learn a thing or two about cooking in general. You’ll just have to stay tuned on my blog.

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This will probably be me…

11 thoughts on “Exploring different cultures.

  1. Jack, I love your Julie & Julie idea! One thing I have learned about Americanized food is the over-processed options we offer here in the US. I am excited to see some of your reflections on new recipes full of flavor and color!


    1. Shelly, Thanks so much I’m so excited to drive further into this with everyone its gonna be so much fun and I hope I find a new favorite recipe. Stay tuned on my blog to see what I’m making!


  2. I agree with you. Food is an a great way to connect with cultures from around the world. Living in Charlotte, we have been able to experience all different types of cuisine, but I am sure, like you said, they are Americanized. With my husband being from India, and his family coming to stay when we got married, I have had the honor to try authentic Indian food. I got to watch as my husband’s mom and aunty rolled out dough for parathas and fold the samosas. We have been using our Instant Pot since they left to make curries and tikka masala. There is a website with some wonderful recipes, which I shared with Virginia on Twitter just in case you are planning on Indian being one of your foods. https://pipingpotcurry.com/


      1. Paneer Tikka Masala is one of my specialty’s. And I know what you mean about the spices. We have an Indian grocery store that we frequent almost every weekend. There are spices, vegetables, and other foodstuffs that I still haven’t tried. I wish you luck in your foodie adventures.


      2. Ugh I’m so mad that the only Target that had the spices lied and said it was in stock when it truly wasn’t. I’m sure the actual masala spice would add a nice flavor.


      3. It is what gives it the “Indian” feel. Lol. I can’t tell you how many dishes we make that uses masala. I hope Target will get their life together and it is replenished soon. I also hope that you are having an amazing time on your cooking adventure.

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