TEDtalks equal engagement

TEDtalks are a way to help students stay continually engaged in the material that they are learning. TEDtalk videos help to offer students a mix in their routine learning styles helping capture more student’s engagement on the material. Now while it may seem that TEDtalks are just another form of lecturing where the students sit and listen with little engagement with the actual material, this change in a speaker can help the students engage more because they can be “entranced” by the change in pace. The speakers on TEDtalks can also offer another view from that of the teacher on the material being studied by the students. This not only gives the students another chance to engage and learn new information but to also get a well-rounded view on the material being studied in the classroom. TEDtalks overall help to not only give students more ways to connect with their material but to also learn and expand their views and positions in the world. TEDtalks definitely are not the new way of learning but they offer a great supplement to the ever-changing world of education. TEDtalks change the style of learning in the classroom rather than having students read out of a typical textbook and complete generic questions to understand the material. Engagement is important to help make sure that students can fully grasp the concepts trying to be taught and to also increase the likelihood that the students retain the material covered. TEDtalks help improve this necessary engagement by offering a change of pace for the students. This why TEDtalks are such a good supplement because they help increase the ways that students can learn and intake new information considering that not every child learns the same way. With the advances in technology in today’s modern age students should be offered every bit improvement in the ways that material is taught in the classroom. TEDtalks help educators further improve upon their lessons by offering additional insights offered by speakers. In all TEDtalks are an important learning material that helps students further learn material in a different way by offering ways to expand their mind. Engagement with TEDtalks further help students change their normal routine and change the pace which is important when learning by keeping them interested in further learning. TEDtalks have a large variety of videos on different topics which makes it very diverse if you want to expand your horizon. Here is a couple of different ways to use TEDtalks in the classroom.

“What if Schools Taught Us How to Learn” – Jonathan Levi

Education is forever evolving.

Digital Literacy is defined by the American Library Association (ALA) as “the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.” In today’s world, technology is ever-changing and helps evolve the way we obtain and communicate information on different platforms. The platforms that are available to the public make communication and obtaining information so much easier. Within this class, we have already used digital literacy throughout this week to communicate with our peers. We communicate throughout the week and about our thoughts via Twitter and on our blogs, we have created on WordPress. In our society, I think it has been really easy to adapt to the way that we communicate on a daily basis. I haven’t had an experience where I didn’t feel comfortable communication on a platform digitally because I have grown up using different platforms in my work. I think digital literacy is very helpful for students to get thoughts and opinions out. Digital literacy has transformed higher education to make it more accessible to a student to learn online and communicate with each other online through different platforms such as Sakai. It’s important for schools to innovate to keep relevant and incorporating digital literacy is important to stay relevant in a world where an online presence is important. Educators think of digital literacy as an important skill to grasp as much of the information obtained is collected from the internet. It’s important that incorporating digital literacy into student’s lives is important as almost every career requires someone to be digitally literate, TeachHub has interesting points to make regarding digital literacy in the classroom. Communication will forever be changing and the ability to adapt to those challenges to keep communication fluid is important. Digital literacy is so important as it gives students greater access to their own education, this greater access also helps groups communication in real-time with no delay in communication to move forward with thoughts or ideas. As technology in our lives becomes more common, it’s very important that educators are teaching the future generation the skills necessary to utilize digital literacy in their own lives. Having skills pertaining to digital literacy will help you communicate in the 21st century easily and without fault.

Change is powerful.

  1. There is more out there…

Change has a been a big part of my life that has been able to help me grow as an individual, and feel comfortable in my own skin. Growing up in a small town in Maryland would often make me daydream about living in a big city elsewhere or just leaving everything behind for a huge change. Throughout my education it was tough understanding my own sexuality which made it hard to build relationships with other people. I was not ready to share who I truly was with the world, and knew a place where I’m unknown would be really helpful in helping me.

2. Who am I?

Not knowing who I truly was as an individual made it really hard on me to grow as a person and I felt trapped in a place I didn’t belong. I was in complete denial of who I truly was and it hindered me from doing a lot of things that most teenagers do. I sometimes look back and regret missing out on important events like prom because I wasn’t happy where I was in finding myself. Senior year meant applying to colleges and I found myself stuck in going to my local community college, and deep down I knew I didn’t wanna continue in the same routine. Last minute I withdrew from community college and forced my mom to let me leave Maryland. I knew this was my chance to discover myself and become the best version of myself. At this point I had hope for the future of my own happiness.

3. Thankful for Chadron.

It’s crazy how Chadron came into my life, such a small town and small college I’m thankful it came into my life. My mom agreed that I could attend Chadron in the Spring of 2017. I was so ready to leave everything behind in Maryland for a new start and new adventures of self discovery. I was ecstatic packing up the car with all of my belonging ready to take on a new journey at Chadron. Arriving on campus felt like a breathe of fresh air, nobody knew my name and I was free from distractions that kept me from finding who I was. Adios Maryland… Hello Nebraska!!

4. So crazy stupid happy.

I was so thankful I found such a good group of accepting friends that helped me grow into the individual that I am today. Although Chadron was such a small town in the middle of nowhere I felt right at home for the time being. I figured that Chadron was just a good starting point for myself. After feeling comfortable in my own skin and ready to conquer the world I took the risk and moved to Colorado. I was thankful for Chadron helping me understand who I was and I’ll never forget that, but I knew there was still more out there to discover. I was truly so happy where I was with myself at this point and openly shared who I was with my family and friends freely.

5. Thankful.

Everything thus far has truly set me up for success. Taking calculated risks for myself has been an important step to self discover with myself. I would never give up going to Chadron as it was such a big help in helping me grow as a person. I feel at ease sharing who I am as a person and understanding that people may not agree with who I am. Sometimes you need a change in your life to help you grow as a person and that’s exactly what I needed. I’m thankful I know who I am…

Visiting Maryland and loving who I am.