Easy Peasy Greek Wraps (Ready in less than 30 minutes)

You will hopefully love what I’m sharing this week! I made these really yummy greek wraps that are so simple yet to make yet so delicious. These wraps will be ready in a flash and I’m gonna continue to make these for lunches for school, work, and hiking. The best thing about these wraps is that you probably already have a lot of the ingredients at home ready to go. I decided adding a greek touch would add a little fun into this weeks post and I wanted to do something really easy that would be great to throw together for lunches for work. I had so much fun making this simple meal, I had this for dinner tonight and it was so yummy! I know I’m stepping away from Julie & Julia as this was my first inspiration for this learning project. I thought that stepping away and trying something that would actually be pratical for everyday use would benefit me. I think with this meal I was able to discover something that would be easy to put together when I need a nutritious meal for work or dinner. I think with addition of this recipe I was able to discover something that was greek which I almost never make. I guess you could say now I’m on a greek addition, every-time I would be in Buffalo, New York they had great greek restaurant that would serve open faced chicken souvlaki which was absolutely delicious with the greek dressing drowning in it. I think I’m gonna try that on my next blog post because It’s made me rediscover my love for greek food. I’m loving this learning project and I’m gonna continue to make really easy practice meals for people on the go! I’m loving this project so much that I might actually start an official food blog to share my trials of becoming a master chef. I don’t know about you but I’m so used to making pasta the night before and brining to work and it’s not the best the day after. With these simple practile meals I’m able to bring some real flavor and bring a change to my normal routine.

Here’s what you’ll need… I forgot the black pepper oops!
Thinly slice white onion for your salad
Simmer some olive oil, minced garlic (I just buy the one in the jar it’s so much easier) and you’ll need some oregano.
Chop rotisserie chicken into bite-size pieces.
Add cucumber and cherry tomatoes with your salad… (this has white wine vinegar that takes away the harsh onion taste along with salt and pepper and some olive oil)
Spread your plain Greek yogurt, chopped chicken, and chicken and top with some feta cheese and enjoy! 😊

6 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Greek Wraps (Ready in less than 30 minutes)

  1. That looks delicious, and I’m glad to hear that you’ve remembered your love for Greek food! What do you think the most challenging part of you making your next dish will be? Have you ever tried to make it, or something similar before?


  2. Jack,
    This looks amazing and I can be a very picky person. It also seems like it is very easy. Like you, I always need something on the go. If I don’t take something to work with me, I end up eating pretty unhealthy. This seems like it would be fairly healthy and it is also something that you taste pretty good as a meal prep.


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