Digital Activism

Internet activism uses many different forms to give a message these forms can include social media, e-mail, videos, and podcasts to reach an audience with a message. With the introduction of the internet it has been easier than ever to reach an audience online. The world wide wide is a basically free speech to share your views on many different topics. For example recently you should have heard in the media about Greta Thunberg who is a Swedish activist that has gained international recognition on her views on global warming. Greta used many different platforms including social media to share her messages on the stance on the carbon footprint crisis. Her messages were covered in the media that transcribed her digitally online. I think that if you have a message that you would like to share it makes it really easy to share those views digitally as the internet is basically a free speech platform to share your views. Digital activism is really effective if your views relate to people who can then share those messages with other people. In the article I read  Independent activists the world over are using the internet and digital tools to build their community, connect with other similar-minded people outside their physical surroundings (Rees, 2015) Its the similar-minded people that will share your message. I have participated on social media being an advocate on some political view with our current president. I have also voiced my views on the LGBTQ+ community which I relate to heavily on a personal level. Sharing these views have opened up on the views to many different people when you share your views they can open up other people to your own personal views and opinions. I think some of the key issues that you could consider in todays world is LGBTQ+ views, political views, global warming, racism, and anything really you want to voice your views on to the digital world of the world wide web. I think the things that I found really interesting about this module is the dangers that digital activism can have. I also found it really interesting how many different things people are talking about on a daily basis. Digital activism really gives everyone the ability to share their opinions and views on different topics such as global warming. This type of activism opens up the world to different ideas that could possibly have a real change in the world such as the government in relation to topics such as LGBTQ+ issues and racism.

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