Personal Learning Network

A personal learning network is when a group of people who have the same interests in one another come together to share and collaborate on those shared interests amongst one another. It’s a network of people who want to expand on those interests and learn more from other people’s ideas or questions. What I learned is that you don’t necessarily have to know these individuals but you can connect with them to gain more understanding or knowledge about your interest. I like the idea of not having to always contribute to the network but you take new knowledge and start applying those skills to where you see fit. I built up my personal learning network with a mix of professional chefs and also people that just have a passion for cooking at home. I thought that those two types of people would help me develop skills and learn tips and tricks from the community. I also think with this mix of individuals will help me develop cooking skills but also try interesting and fun recipes that I would enjoy. I think sometimes its fun to try something that’s out of your comfort zone and would be interesting to grasp new recipes that I might have not wanted to try before. I’m so excited to follow different people that might give me a better insight into the world of cooking that I don’t know too much about, but I’m willing to learn and try my best! I love that with a PLN you can continue to add new people as you see fit so you continue your learning. I’m hoping that once I grasp a better understanding of the world of cooking meals I can move on and follow pastry chefs and bakers to continue to learn about cooking in general. I like that with a PLN it’s basically what you want when you want it which makes it very to sustain when you want to contribute or take ideas or respond to questions to share your thoughts on a specific topic. I love the idea of a personal learning network and I’m so glad that I invested type following people who share the same interests and individuals that will help me grow those skills (Hopefully) Our twitter account is a little personal learning network of people who share the same interests. I think this is a good website explaining what a PLN is about what it entails.

2 thoughts on “Personal Learning Network

  1. It’s fascinating to see how you’ve been able to connect through social media with cooking! I’m sure that there’s lots of new things you would be able to learn by reaching out to others, especially those with vastly different cultural experiences from ours, which I think would be interesting to try and experience.


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