Reflection Response

I think the most interesting and intriguing thing about ds106 was the variety of different assignments that can participate in. When I was researching the class I found an assignment where you go to a random Wikipedia page and write a short story out whatever randomized page you land on. I really like the ability to come and go as you please, you aren’t confined to any deadlines and you can participate in the class when you feel like it. I think that we can use ds106 in the classroom to make things interesting and creative, a lot of the assignments can open up the class for discussion or even collaboration between your peers. With the openness of the class, people create different assignments and it opens up the platform to creative people to make interesting and fun assignments to complete. I think a lot of students would benefit from joining the class and doing a creative assignment and share their insights and learning process. I think with the introduction of using podcasts and digital stories help get away from the normal routine of teaching a lesson and lets students listen to different insights. I think with the different insights it opens up the class to a lot of discussion and questions that could help facilitate the lesson the podcast or digital story was built around. The disadvantage of using podcasts or digital stories in the classroom is that its time consuming where you have to research different podcasts and digital stories to make sure they would connect to your lessons. The simple fact of just searching the internet for something does take a lot of time. I think giving students a full range to show who they really are and to show their creative side would be interesting to learn more about your students and their interests. My biggest takeaways are that opening up different platforms to students can allow your students to be more creative and more interested in lessons in the classroom. Stepping away from normal lessons gives the students a break to engage in different ways that they might find enjoyable. I think finding what your students like will make a more enjoyable and engaged class in the long run.

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