Catch me on the Food Network..

During the process of completing my ILP I had mixed thoughts while beginning the choices I had in the beginning of class, but I’m glad that I stuck to my decision of cooking new and interesting things for myself. I knew by doing this specific project it would help me grow my cooking abilities by learning new cooking techniques and meals. I was overwhelmed in the beginning of this project because cooking is usually something I find as a chore to myself. I’m glad I stuck through this project all the way to the end and made some amazing things that I didn’t think were possible at the level I was at. This project really challenged myself which was important for learning new things, I loved the flexibility of being able to choose something that was going to impact yourself in a positive manner. This project not only helped me be a better cook but it helped me with sharing thoughts and the process it took of making recipes to share with me peer throughout the class. This project will help impact my future to continue the new passion I have discovered in cooking new and fun things to eat at home. I used to be someone that would always eat something prepackaged and easy to make but I’m enjoying the benefits of cooking my own meals to be more healthy to align with my lifestyle of being active. I think with the role this project had in learning is that it allowed myself and my peers the ability to learn something they were interested or wanted to know more about. I think the flexibility in this project allowed a lot of us to discovered new passions for what we were interested in but never had the ability to put into action. I think more classes needed to explore the possibility of opening classes to the idea of creativity instead of teaching students the same way out of a book or online course. This truly makes the class more engaging to students who would then put more effort and enjoyment back into the course. This project really helped me grow my cooking skills and find a new passion that I will continue in my life, I’m so thankful that I was able to participate in a course that allows students to explore something they are interested in and reflect on those learning experiences.

“Thinking from different perspectives is in itself a creative process – we are encouraging learners to approach things in new ways, and this will help them develop new ideas. It also promotes a joined-up view of the world.” 

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